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The Hearing Aid Sweat Band is made from specially designed, all natural fabric that sheds moisture while protecting the hearing aid from the damaging effects of dust & dirt. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band enables the wearer to leave their hearing aid in place, not only during high perspiration sport activities, but anytime to protect and defend from moisture, dust and dirt. It is available in 9 sizes and 17 colors for all makes and models of BTE devices. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band is the only made in the USA product in the marketplace comprised of a comfortable all natural fabric that is proven to protect the wearer's hearing aid from moisture.
Hearing aid's are adversely affected by moisture infiltration. This can be from perspiration or ambient moisture like rain or fog. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band has proven to protect your hearing aid from the negative effects of moisture.
Made from specially designed fabric, The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ protects the behind the ear hearing aid from the damaging effects of moisture and still allows sound to readily pass through it. The special fabric is hypoallergenic, soft and supple and is not irritable to the skin. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ sheds moisture, but also absorbs perspiration and moisture that it does not shed, which is free to wick away and evaporate without holding the moisture in or against the hearing aid.
The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ has the ability to absorb a large amount of moisture and allows the wearer to leave their hearing aid in place during high perspiration sports activities and protects the behind the ear hearing aid from hair spray and other hair styling products. (However, not recommended during hair washing.)
Hearing aid battery protection is made easy with the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™. Moisture getting inside your behind the ear hearing aid can create sudden loss of hearing due to the hearing aid battery shorting out or corroding. Everyone understands that moisture and electricity just don't mix, yet hearing aid devices are susceptible to this problem and do very little to seal the hearing aid battery. Protection of your BTE hearing aid battery from dampness, humidity, condensation, or wetness due to perspiration, rain, snow or other moisture-producing situations is now made easy with the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™.
The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ assures you of continued quality sound and keeps your BTE safe from dust, dirt or sand while providing excellent moisture protection for your hearing aid battery. Feedback from wind is also greatly diminished.
Protect your hearing aid battery so that your BTE continues to perform well and provides you with the sound you are counting on -- the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ is the answer.

The Ear Gear Advantage

A water resistant double wall spandex nylon sleeve that protects hearing instruments from dirt, sweat, moisture and loss, Ear Gear can radically improve your hearing instrument wearing experience. The soft spandex material also can make hearing instruments more comfortable to wear, protect the ears from chafing, minimizes the effect of wind noise, and prevents damage from clogged microphones and corroded batteries.
Whether you wear hearing aids (BTE and ITE), a Cochlear Implant or even a Baha Processor, Ear Gear has a model for you.  Available in 8 stylish colors, (Royal Blue, Black, Chocolate Brown, Beige, Camouflage, Lipstick Pink, Orange/Red and Grey), Ear Gear can add some pizzazz to  your hearing instruments, they are an ideal fashion accessory.  And remember not only can Ear Gear be washed and reused over and over but it is also acoustically transparent, so there is no effect of sound coming into the hearing instrument. To top it off- Ear Gear comes with a 1 year “unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee” – which simply put,  means you can try Ear Gear at no risk -  if it does not work for you for any reason - just send it back to us and we will refund ALL of your purchase price including shipping!
Ear Gear is not only the perfect solution for infants and toddlers, giving worried parents peace of mind, but it is just what the doctor ordered for active school age children, on the playground or around the house. Adults love Ear Gear too, they use it for dirty, dusty, or wet  work environments, in the garden , while mowing the lawn, or during any sort of sporting or outdoor activity such as running ,biking, hiking, fishing or canoeing. Ear Gear is great for anyone who has an active lifestyle. Seniors find Ear Gear gives them peace of mind as they always can locate their hearing instruments, this makes Ear Gear a must for any resident of a nursing home.


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